POS Features

Easy to use and learn

Throughout ROBOTILL are 'get help' links that will take you to the place you need to be in our  comprehensive online help.

Multiple Branches

If you enable our optional ROBOTILL Head Office support, you can update all your branches remotely, transfer stock and receive branch reports remotely.

Local Database Powered by SQL Server

ROBOTILL uses a local SQL Server database. You can use only one computer or you can link several tills (POS Computers) and back office computers. No internet connection required. 

You don't lose everything the moment your subscription ends like most cloud based systems - the database is at your site. ROBOTILL has automatic daily backups that allows you to store a backup of your database on another device or in the cloud.

POS Hardware Support

All POS hardware is optional, but ROBOTILL Supports POS Hardware including Touch Screens, Barcode Scanners, Electronic Cash Drawers, Customer Pole Displays, POS Till Printers, Card Reader (for Cashier, Supervisor and Customers).

Full list of features

Have a look at our full list of features. You can also compare the free edition with the full edition of ROBOTILL. Remember that you can upgrade any time from the free edition to the full edition. To upgrade is quick - you just enter a key to unlock the full edition. 

General POS Features included in Retail and Restaurant

Feature Free Edition Full Edition
Free Email Support Yes Yes
Free upgrades to new versions. Yes Yes
Number of Tills (POS Computers) and Back Office Computers that can be added (for the full edition you pay per POS Point) Unlimited Unlimited
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Link directly to Card Readers to process Card Payments effortlessly. See list of supported devices. Yes Yes
Number of products. 500 Unlimited
Reports (see report list). Limited Yes
Use any currency Yes Yes
Configure sales tax for your country Yes Yes
Customize POS App with your Logo. No Yes
Stock running low warnings with easy ordering. No Yes
Supplier Orders No Yes
Stock Receiving Yes Yes
Goods Received Voucher (GRV) No Yes
Stock Take Yes Yes
Scheduled price updates. No Yes
Setup specials to run for specific periods. No Yes
Coupons - Flexible setup of discount coupons. No Yes
Combo Deals - Example: buy one get one free, buy 5 for the price of ... etc. No Yes
Customer Accounts No Yes
Customer Tier Prices - Allow customers to pay a special tier price. Tier price automatically selected when customer card scanned or swiped. No Yes
Flexible Points-Based Customer Loyalty Program. No Yes
Deliveries - delivery support for retail and restaurant. Keep track of drivers and couriers, stock, deliveries and more. No Yes
Customize security levels for tasks (Reprints, refunds, void sale, etc). Yes Yes
Void Sale, Reprint Till Slip, Price Check Yes Yes
Refunds, Discounts, Price Override, Tier Prices. No Yes
Multiple payment methods per sale Yes Yes
Custom payment methods can be added. Yes Yes
Cash Up Screen for easy counting of cash in drawer. Yes Yes
Customize your receipts and printed documents with drop and drag print design tool. Yes Yes
Withdraw Cash and Cash Drop. No Yes
Get notified if there is too much cash at a till. View live till session data from your back office computer of all your open tills.  Yes Yes
Export Manager - Export Stock Information for other programs (like scale software). No Yes
Import and Export products to and from CSV files (for spreadsheets like Excel). No Yes
Automatic database backups. Yes Yes
Export accounting data. Export format ready for PiggyZen accounting system. No Yes

Features specific to the retail module

Feature Free Edition Full Edition
Number of sales per day in the retail module. 200 Unlimited
Compound Items (products with sub products) Yes Yes
Supports weighed/measured items. Yes Yes
Supports Price or Weight in Barcode (Scale Generated Barcodes). Yes Yes
Product Variants with attributes (Product Tags) - Example: Size, Color, etc. No Yes
Generate barcode numbers for products without barcodes. Yes Yes
Generate barcode numbers in bulk. No Yes
Print product barcode labels (for products or shelves). No Yes
Suspend Sale - Don’t keep customers waiting. Yes Yes
Price Mode - Change price to different tier for specific sale or period. No Yes
Quotations/Invoices (Print Quotes and Convert Quotes to Sales). No Yes
Order Slips / Department Printers – Items purchased from a specific department can be printed to a department printer on an order slip. Example: Take Away(kitchen) or Storeroom. No Yes
Lay-by. No Yes
Salesperson - link a salesperson (in addition to a cashier) to a sale. No Yes
Workshop module with Job Cards for repairs and service industry. No Yes
Customize POS menu - add commonly used items or categories as buttons. No Yes

Features specific to the restaurant module

Feature Free Edition Full Edition
Number of sales per day in the restaurant module. 100 Unlimited
Set up any number of tables in your restaurant floor plan. Orders are allocated to tables. Yes Yes
Restaurant Tabs Yes Yes
Flexible restaurant set up on how you work with waiters, tables and cashiers. Yes Yes
Intermediate Bills and Final Receipts. Yes Yes
Restaurant Bill Split - Split a bill at a table into any number of bills (sales) by selecting specific items on the bill. No Yes
Order Attributes - Add pop-up 'questions' for specific items. Example 'How should your steak be done?'. Options displayed on screen for simple click/touch selection and printed on order slips for kitchen. No Yes
Order Notes - Waiters can add notes to items for unique custom requests. No Yes
Waiter tips included in waiter reports. Yes Yes
Easy selection by grouping stock in categories (Example: ‘Breakfast Menu’, ‘Bar’, ‘Desserts’). Yes Yes
Recipe Inventory Management - keep track of stock / ingredients. Yes Yes
Price Modes - for example 'Happy Hour'. No Yes
Day start time can be changed if you want to allocated sales after midnight to previous day. Yes Yes
Orders are broken up and order slips are printed to various departments (Kitchen, Bar) with only items from that department on the order slip. No Yes

Features specific to the booking module

Feature Free Edition Full Edition
Number of sales per day linked to a booking. 10 Unlimited
Number of resources (rooms, equipment, etc). 2 Unlimited
Switch between days and hours for different types of operations. Rent out equipment, venues or book technicians per hour or days. Yes Yes
Custom booking menu with products linked to period of booking (example room rates, wifi, parking, etc). Yes Yes
Detailed customer information per booking and customer history. Yes Yes
Filter bookings on bookings starting and bookings ending (arrivals and departures). Yes Yes