Below is a list of features for the BEST Point Of Sale (POS) System EVER ...

Turn any computer into a till.
Supports POS Hardware including Touch Screens, Barcode Scanners, Electronic Cash Drawer (RJ11, RS232 and most USB Drawers), POS Till Printers, Card Reader (for Cashier and Supervisor log in).
Can also work very well without any POS Hardware using just a standard computer and a standard printer.
Dashboard in management system gives an overall live view of current sales and cash in each drawer.
Cashiers are not restricted to specific tills and shift changes can be done in seconds without affecting customers at the till.
We develop custom modules according to your requirements that can be added to the system.
Customize all printed forms (Till Slips, Quotes, Refund Slips, Account Payment Slips, Order Slips, Laybye Slips) easily and quickly with our powerful and flexible design tool.

Compare Editions (Full list of features)

Back Office Features and General POS Features FREE Edition Full Edition
Easy install and setup. Easy to use.
Virtual Onsite Support (We connect remotely to your computer). Limited Support
Free upgrades to new versions.
Number of Tills (POS Computers) Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Stock Items 500 Unlimited
Number of Users, Suppliers and Customers Unlimited Unlimited
Reports Limited Reports
Support any currency.
Sales tax setup for any country.
Hot Keys (shortcut keys) is configurable to work with POS or standard keyboards.
Customize POS App with your Logo.
'Stock running low' screen with easy ordering.
Scheduled price updates.
Setup specials to run for specific periods.
Coupons - Flexible setup of discount coupons
Combo Deals - Example: buy one get one free, buy 5 for the price off .... etc.
Customer Accounts. Allow you to sell with credit and manage accounts. Customer Notes, History and Statements. Supports customer cards (Card with barcode that can be scanned, or cards that can be swiped using a card reader).
Customer Tier Prices - Allow customers to pay a special tier price. Tier price automatically selected when customer card scanned or swiped.
Customize security levels for tasks (Reprints, refunds, void sale, etc).
Void Sale, Reprint Till Slip, Price Check.
Refunds, Discounts, Price Override, Tier Prices, Price Check
Supports compound items (menu items) that consists of multiple sub items.
Multiple payment methods per sale (Credit/Debit Card, Cash, Account, Check/Cheque).
Flexible payment options - Payment option can be configured
Cash Up Screen for easy counting of cash in drawer.
Stock Receiving
Stock Take
Easily and completely customize print layout on all printed forms (Till Slips, Intermediate Bills, Account Payment Slips, Refund Slips, etc).
Any size paper, supports POS Printers and Standard Printers.
Interact with external programs.
Withdraw Cash and Cash Drop
Export Manager - Export Stock Information for other programs (like scale software).
Import Stock from Excel or CSV Files.
Easy Database Backup and Restore
Retail Features FREE Edition Full Edition
Number Of Sales Per Day (Retail Module) 75 Unlimited
Supports weighed/measured items.
Supports Price or Weight in Barcode (Scale Generated Barcodes).
Product Variants with attributes (Product Tags) - Example: Size, Color, etc.
Print Barcode Product Labels.
Print Barcode Shelf Labels with or without Arrows.
Suspend Sale - Don’t keep customers waiting.
Price Mode - Change price to different tier for specific sale or period.
Quotations (Print Quotes and Convert Quotes to Sales)
Order Slips / Department Printers – Items purchased from a specific department can be printed to a department printer on an order slip. Example: Take Away(kitchen) or Storeroom
Lay-bye Sales
Create shortcuts for commonly used items like ‘carry bags’.
Create on-screen menu for something like a ‘Take Away Menu’ or items that does not have barcodes.
All the Restaurant Features - You can easily switch between retail and restaurant module (with same cashier and cash drawer)
Hopsipatilty Features (Restaurant/Bar) FREE Edition Full Edition
Number of sales per day (Restaurant module) 25 Unlimited
Set up any number of tables. Link orders to tables.
Keep multiple sales open (to add more items).
Link orders to waiters and/or cashiers. Allow for any setup (waiters doing own sales or working via cashier).
Intermediate Bills and Final Receipts
Order Attributes - Add pop-up 'questions' for specific items. Example 'How should your steak be done?'. Options displayed on screen for simple click/touch selection and printed on order slips for kitchen.
Order Notes - Waiters can add notes to items for unique custom requests.
Waiter Reports, Tips Support and More
Easy selection by grouping stock in categories (Example: ‘Breakfast Menu’, ‘Bar’, ‘Desserts’)
Price Mode - 'Happy Hour' or other special price modes can be created.
Waiters and tables allocated to a sale can be changed.
Orders are broken up and order slips are printed to various departments (Kitchen, Bar) with only items from that department on the order slip.
All the Retail Features - You can easily switch between retail and restaurant module (with same cashier and cash drawer)

It is easy and quick to upgrade from the FREE to the FULL Edition.
No new installation or loss of data.

For more information about these features, you can have a look at the ROBOTILL Online Help.

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